This indicator automatically draw support and resistance lines with channels, and some additional channel lines. To have indicator draw channels in history you may just move last vertical line (named StartTL). In the top right corner indicator show number of lines for  support and resistance.


Inpot parameters:

FirstBar – start candle, where StartTL will be placed

DeltaBar – minumum number of candles for support/resistance lines

InsLine (true/false) – build or now additional internal line of support/resistance

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Indicator draws linear channels on one price chart based on three different timeframes (by default – 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day ). Also, indicator shows the current ranges for every channel. Line thikness is different for different timeframes.

Input parameters:
period1, period2, period3 – number of minutes in different for what draw the channels, default – 60,240,1440.


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Nowadays, the most popular representatives of the fractal time functions are the financial time series. The fractal structure of these series is well-known and aсcording to Mandelbrot there is a “rewording of the famous market saying that the movement of stocks and currencies is independent of the time scale and the price.

An observer can’t tell if the information refers to the weekly, daily or hourly changes just by looking at the appearance of the chart».

Usually, to determine the fractal dimension the Hurst’s exponent is calculated [2]. However, for the reliable calculation of this exponent a huge amount of data is necesary (~ 10^3) and that is too much comparing to the duration of the trends of trading.

The authors [1] interpose the fractal characteristics – the variation index (m) that is closely related to the common fractal dimension. In distinct from the

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Simple trend analyzing indicator.
Signals: red crossing to top – sell , green crossing to top – buy.

Input parameters:
Bands_Mode_0_2 (0=MODE_MAIN, 1=MODE_LOW, 2=MODE_HIGH)

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