Universal pivot-level indicator that show few pivots on choosen period. Usually pivots work in all liquid markets, which exhibit stable price ranges. The levels work very well in the futures markets and the Forex market as well.


In the trend price tends to go from the Pivot-level to 1 or 2 of the first support or resistance levels. Scope of the 2nd support / resistance is a frequent speaker for the motion.

In the areas of prices often go to the first support to resistance and Pivot with acts like the axis of rotation rates.


Input parameters:

period (default 14400 – 1 day) , valuable records:Continue reading

This indicator automatically draw support and resistance lines with channels, and some additional channel lines. To have indicator draw channels in history you may just move last vertical line (named StartTL). In the top right corner indicator show number of lines for  support and resistance.


Inpot parameters:

FirstBar – start candle, where StartTL will be placed

DeltaBar – minumum number of candles for support/resistance lines

InsLine (true/false) – build or now additional internal line of support/resistance

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This indicator will draw a fibonacci retracement from the low to high (or high to low depending on trend) on the visible candles on the chart. This means if you zoom in or zoom out on the chart, the fibonacci retracement will adjust to those changes. The indicator redraws the retracement on the next candle close when the price is breaking out of the high or low. This indicator also show the area that has not been retraced. If you do not want this to show up, set “ShowUnretracedZone” to false.

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The eVOLution-options indicator do analyse trades with currency options for previous trading session on CME, and it try to define support and resistance of current day.
The main result of indicator is Key Zone (A on screenshot) – the balance level between large market operators, this is zone where main battle will be played between bears and bulls, and usually it’s not easy to brake that zone. If day was opened above Key Zone than current day considered as bullish day, and we supp ose that price will rebound up from Key Zone. And vice-versa – if day was opened below Key Zone than current day is considered as bearish day, and we suppose that price will rebound down from Key Zone.

The indicator works with external data that should be downloaded manually from trading-evolution.com website flesh applet.

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