Indicator displays the Market Profile charts for the daily trading sessions painting different time sessions in gradient colors. Draw value area and point of control (median).

Traders tend to return to those areas if the volume of the breakout movement isn’t too high. High-volume breakout out of these areas signifies a real breakout.


Should be attached to M5, M15 or M30 timeframes. M30 is recommended.

Designed for standard currency pairs. May work incorrectly with very exotic pairs, CFDs or commodities.
Be careful: it will delete all rectangle objects on the chart upon deinitialization.

Indicator parameters:

StartFromDate – specify a date from when it should draw market profile histograms

StartFromToday (true/false) – if set to true the start day is ‘today’. Set to false if you want to use with StartFromDate value

DaysToCount – how many days back to process

ColorScheme (0,1,2) – different color schemes for gradients

MedianColor, ValueAreaColor – colors for median and value area

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The eVOLution-options indicator do analyse trades with currency options for previous trading session on CME, and it try to define support and resistance of current day.
The main result of indicator is Key Zone (A on screenshot) – the balance level between large market operators, this is zone where main battle will be played between bears and bulls, and usually it’s not easy to brake that zone. If day was opened above Key Zone than current day considered as bullish day, and we supp ose that price will rebound up from Key Zone. And vice-versa – if day was opened below Key Zone than current day is considered as bearish day, and we suppose that price will rebound down from Key Zone.

The indicator works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet.

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The indicator show real volume histogram levels (vertical!) for forex and futures, it works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet. Usually it is used together with eVOLution-levels indicator:

Indicator draws histogram volume levels for different periods:

– previous day
– day before previous
– this week
– last week
– contract


Input parameters for indicator are:

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The indicator show real volume levels (vertical!) for forex and futures, it works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet.
Indicator draws:

– top 3 last trading day volume
– top 3 current week volume
– top 3 last week volume
– top 3 contract levels

First line (the first one top volume) is drawn as solid line, so you can simply identify it, even more if you will hold your mouse under the line you will see description (see attached picture) “pw1=7180”, this mean “previous week 1st volume line = 7180 lots”

Indicator shows total volumes for all this periods, with the same colors as lines for them.

It can play sound alert when price will step into one of the lines.

Input parameters are:
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After reaching some top/bottom point indicator draws several lines where:
Blue line – entrance level
Red line – stop loss level
Green/yellow/purpure lines – reachable levels (the green one is more powerful and could be simple reached)

Input parameters:
Number of bars

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Indicator that divide screen to 6 equal parts, it is used in some systems as additional filter (Nanningbob system most known).

The rules are – not to trade inside green-white-green lines, this is take profit area. Open sell trades only above green line, or strong sell trades above yellow line. Open buy trades only below green line, or strong buy trades below yellow lines.

Indicator parameters:
BarCount – number of barst to count tha areas to devide. Default 120 (using 4Hours charts it will be one month).

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