The indicator helps with visual displaying information about open orders, directly on a chart.

For order open level it show:

– order type

– order lot

– existing order profit

– profit/loss ratio

– magic number


For take profit it show:

– number of possible points

– possible profit if price will reach it

– account currency


For stop loss it show:

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This is standard Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator, however with implemented Noise Reduction mechanism, so it give much less negative sygnals to trade.


Indicator input parameters:

CCIperiod – indicator period
Price  (defauld = 4) – price type, allowed numbers:

  • 0 – Price Close value
    1 – Price Open
    2 – Price High
    3 – Pice Low
    4 – Price median value (high+low)/2
    5 – Price typical value (high+low+close)/3
    6 – Price Weighted value (high+low+close+close)/4

Sens – allowed calculating error

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The indicator show real volume histogram levels (vertical!) for forex and futures, it works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet. Usually it is used together with eVOLution-levels indicator:

Indicator draws histogram volume levels for different periods:

– previous day
– day before previous
– this week
– last week
– contract


Input parameters for indicator are:

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The indicator show real volume levels (vertical!) for forex and futures, it works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet.
Indicator draws:

– top 3 last trading day volume
– top 3 current week volume
– top 3 last week volume
– top 3 contract levels

First line (the first one top volume) is drawn as solid line, so you can simply identify it, even more if you will hold your mouse under the line you will see description (see attached picture) “pw1=7180”, this mean “previous week 1st volume line = 7180 lots”

Indicator shows total volumes for all this periods, with the same colors as lines for them.

It can play sound alert when price will step into one of the lines.

Input parameters are:
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Using this indicator you will be able to place alert on any level in easiest way in the world – just moving the horizontal line.

Input parameters for indicator:
SoundFileName – any sound file name from MetaTrader/sound/ folder
ActiveSignal (true/false) – activate sound signal
ActiveAlert (true/false) – activate message alert


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If you use Pivot, Math Murrey, and Fibonacci indicators, after awhile, you can\’t see the market price anymore. Here\’s a useful indicator that will magnify the price real big. I modified it and now you can place it in any corner of the screen. In addition, you can change the font, and the size. In the above picture, you can see the market price in the lower left corner.

Input parameters are:
Bid/Ask colors (True/false) – change color according to price change
Font Color
Font Size
Font Type
What Corner – where to display price (0 – upper left, 1- upper right, 2 – lower left, 3 – lower right)

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