Indicator displays the Market Profile charts for the daily trading sessions painting different time sessions in gradient colors. Draw value area and point of control (median).

Traders tend to return to those areas if the volume of the breakout movement isn’t too high. High-volume breakout out of these areas signifies a real breakout.


Should be attached to M5, M15 or M30 timeframes. M30 is recommended.

Designed for standard currency pairs. May work incorrectly with very exotic pairs, CFDs or commodities.
Be careful: it will delete all rectangle objects on the chart upon deinitialization.

Indicator parameters:

StartFromDate – specify a date from when it should draw market profile histograms

StartFromToday (true/false) – if set to true the start day is ‘today’. Set to false if you want to use with StartFromDate value

DaysToCount – how many days back to process

ColorScheme (0,1,2) – different color schemes for gradients

MedianColor, ValueAreaColor – colors for median and value area

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Informational indicator in separate window that shows currency changes on different timeframes for 4 different currencies (or products), and information panel that shows:
– overall deposit statistic
– profit for different currencies
– time sessions – clock is moving between the line
– different stats about each currency (spread, digits, stop level, maximum number of lots you can open, points to stopout)

Input parameters:
InfoAboutAccount true/false
InfoAboutPair true/false
InfoAboutTimeFrame true/false
InfoAboutProfit true/false
Session true/false
Pair To Status:

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Indicator emulates volume histogram and drawing histogram in 3 different colors – for different sessions, they are Asia, Europe and USA. Also draw TPO line.

Input parameters are:
StartDate – from where to begin (optional parameter)
lastdayStart (true/false)
CountProfile – how many days to show
Asia – color for Asia session
Europe – color for Europe session
America – color for America session
Moda – color for maximum volume

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Great indicator that shows time in different time zones over the world, they are:
Broker time
GMT time
Tokyo time
London time
NewYourk time

Indicator automatically count all times, you do not need to enter your time zone.

Input parameters are:
ShowLocal (true/false)
corner (where clocks should be)
topOff (offset from top)
labelColor (text color)
clockColor (clock color)
show12HourTime (true/false to show 12 hours clock)

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