The indicator helps with visual displaying information about open orders, directly on a chart.

For order open level it show:

– order type

– order lot

– existing order profit

– profit/loss ratio

– magic number


For take profit it show:

– number of possible points

– possible profit if price will reach it

– account currency


For stop loss it show:

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The eVOLution-options indicator do analyse trades with currency options for previous trading session on CME, and it try to define support and resistance of current day.
The main result of indicator is Key Zone (A on screenshot) – the balance level between large market operators, this is zone where main battle will be played between bears and bulls, and usually it’s not easy to brake that zone. If day was opened above Key Zone than current day considered as bullish day, and we supp ose that price will rebound up from Key Zone. And vice-versa – if day was opened below Key Zone than current day is considered as bearish day, and we suppose that price will rebound down from Key Zone.

The indicator works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet.

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Indicator that show account statisticin separate window, the statistic is sorted by product list, show full information – how many trades where done by product, how many long/short trades, how many pips was made, and how many profit in currency. There is an ability to select start / end day from where to build report.

Inpot parameters are:
startdate – the beginning date from where to build report
enddate – the end date to what build report
HeaderColor – table header color
SymbolColor – table symbol color
TextColor – text color
TextSize – font size
RowSpacing – space between text rows

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Indicator that divide screen to 6 equal parts, it is used in some systems as additional filter (Nanningbob system most known).

The rules are – not to trade inside green-white-green lines, this is take profit area. Open sell trades only above green line, or strong sell trades above yellow line. Open buy trades only below green line, or strong buy trades below yellow lines.

Indicator parameters:
BarCount – number of barst to count tha areas to devide. Default 120 (using 4Hours charts it will be one month).

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Indicator that draw nice looking gradient background in your Meta Trader terminal. It’s not easy one just to select color and make a gradient, each colors are mixed in ‘advanced’ way, but it produce really nice looking gradient background.

By default it draw blue background like on screenshot.

Input parameters are:
steps – how much colors should be adjusted
adjustred (1/0) – adjust red color or not
redweight – how much red color is multiplied comparing to others
adjustblue (1/0) – adjust red color or not
blueweight – how much blue color is multiplied comparing to others
adjustgreen (1/0) – adjust red color or not
greenweight – how much green color is multiplied comparing to others

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Nowadays, the most popular representatives of the fractal time functions are the financial time series. The fractal structure of these series is well-known and aсcording to Mandelbrot there is a “rewording of the famous market saying that the movement of stocks and currencies is independent of the time scale and the price.

An observer can’t tell if the information refers to the weekly, daily or hourly changes just by looking at the appearance of the chart».

Usually, to determine the fractal dimension the Hurst’s exponent is calculated [2]. However, for the reliable calculation of this exponent a huge amount of data is necesary (~ 10^3) and that is too much comparing to the duration of the trends of trading.

The authors [1] interpose the fractal characteristics – the variation index (m) that is closely related to the common fractal dimension. In distinct from the

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Useful indicator that calculate how much money you will got on reaching some levels, profit or stop loss. The open price, profit price and stop price are simply changed in easy way by moving appropriate lines on the chart.

All information is shown in top left corner.

Input parameters:
calc_lots – number of lots that you will trade
commission – if you are trading futures the commission will be taken
stock_in_lot – number of stocks in one lot, if you are trading stocks
OpenLineColor – the color of open line (default – green)
ProfitLineColor – the color of profit line (default – gold)
StopLineColor – the color of stop line (default – red)

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