This is not an indicator, but expert advisor, and it supervises open trades and offers these facilities for: selected individual trades; groups of trades linked by a common magic number or comment; or all trades

It do:
● Moves the stop loss at appropriate intervals – to breakeven, jumping stop, trailing
stop. Offers the option to hide the stop from the broker; likewise the take profit.
● Close all open trades when the upl reaches a set target; this can include pending
● Part-closure (50%) when the price reaches a set target.
● Hedge-trade opening for trades that are going bad.
● Equity protection: close all open trades when upl hits a specified level.

There are many options for it, the full description is inside archive – a PDF file.

Completely must-have expert advisor.

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Parabolic SAR for current timeframe and 3 next timeframes with Alert signals. Each timeframe can be selected from input parameters. Green arrow show beginning of up-trend, and red line show beginning of down-trend.

Input parameters are:
AlertsEnabled – true/false
TF4 – true/false – show PSAR of fourth timeframe
TF3 – true/false – show PSAR of third timeframe
TF2 – true/false – show PSAR of second timeframe
Step – PSAR step
Maximum – PSAR Maximum

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Indicator that divide screen to 6 equal parts, it is used in some systems as additional filter (Nanningbob system most known).

The rules are – not to trade inside green-white-green lines, this is take profit area. Open sell trades only above green line, or strong sell trades above yellow line. Open buy trades only below green line, or strong buy trades below yellow lines.

Indicator parameters:
BarCount – number of barst to count tha areas to devide. Default 120 (using 4Hours charts it will be one month).

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Indicator that draw nice looking gradient background in your Meta Trader terminal. It’s not easy one just to select color and make a gradient, each colors are mixed in ‘advanced’ way, but it produce really nice looking gradient background.

By default it draw blue background like on screenshot.

Input parameters are:
steps – how much colors should be adjusted
adjustred (1/0) – adjust red color or not
redweight – how much red color is multiplied comparing to others
adjustblue (1/0) – adjust red color or not
blueweight – how much blue color is multiplied comparing to others
adjustgreen (1/0) – adjust red color or not
greenweight – how much green color is multiplied comparing to others

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Indicator allow to draw second chart from another symbol on the same chart window, so you get two charts from different products in one place. It’s great to compare the difference between them.

Input Parameters:
SubSymbol – symbol name that will be shown in current chart
BullBarColor – the color of bullish bar
BearBarColor – the color of bear bar
GridColor – the color of the greed
Mirroring (true/false) – if chart needs to be mirrored


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Indicator that will be useful with Japanese candle patterns, with graphic information it shows the relation of main part of the candles

Blue Line – candle body relation to all candle size
Green Line – candle upper shadow relation to all candle size
Red Line – candle lower shadow relation to all candle size

No input parameters, just colors.



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Indicator draws linear channels on one price chart based on three different timeframes (by default – 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day ). Also, indicator shows the current ranges for every channel. Line thikness is different for different timeframes.

Input parameters:
period1, period2, period3 – number of minutes in different for what draw the channels, default – 60,240,1440.


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