The indicator average true range normalized momentum made with an addition of histogram – one extra feature “momentum smooth mode”.

The indicator measures the speed of price movement of an instrument. By default it measures the most recent closing bar to a previous closing bar n periods ago.

Configure options are:

momPeriod = 25; // A Momentum period
momPrice = PRICE_CLOSE; // A Price which calculations are applied to
momSmooth = 15; // Smoothing period
Levels = 5; // Levels

Analyzing the rate of change, we can guess the strength or “momentum” in an instrument or forex pair.

You must keep a close eye on prevailing market sentiments. This key attribute will help you predict future price movements and plan accordingly. The sentiment history indicator tires guessing reversals in early states.


Indicator configuration options are:
Period of calculation (default 13)

Mode of calculation (Fast, Slow, Balanced)
The number of bars to display (0 – unlimited)

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Indicator displays the Market Profile charts for the daily trading sessions painting different time sessions in gradient colors. Draw value area and point of control (median).

Traders tend to return to those areas if the volume of the breakout movement isn’t too high. High-volume breakout out of these areas signifies a real breakout.


Should be attached to M5, M15 or M30 timeframes. M30 is recommended.

Designed for standard currency pairs. May work incorrectly with very exotic pairs, CFDs or commodities.
Be careful: it will delete all rectangle objects on the chart upon deinitialization.

Indicator parameters:

StartFromDate – specify a date from when it should draw market profile histograms

StartFromToday (true/false) – if set to true the start day is ‘today’. Set to false if you want to use with StartFromDate value

DaysToCount – how many days back to process

ColorScheme (0,1,2) – different color schemes for gradients

MedianColor, ValueAreaColor – colors for median and value area

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Here is the indicator that show real forex volume in mt4 (futures for currency pairs), crude oil, gold and silver and Open Interest for them – the eVOLution-dvoid (Daily Volume and Open Interest Data).

The indicator works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet.

Supported products:


Indicator parameters:

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