After a short research, I decided to combine ZigZags with different algorithms and automated building of Pesavento Patterns and Fibo Levels of the ZigZag fractures in one universal indicator. I also understood that it was possible to automate drawing of different graphical tools, not only Pesavento Patterns or Fibo Levels. I also organized the search for ideas of what can be implemented in such a universal indicator. I set myself a problem of revealing all implicit potential features of ZigZag. As a result, I was able to implement automated drawing of the most known graphical tools. Some new graphical tools, the ideas of which were proposed by various visitors of the forum at ONIX, were implemented, too. The indicator\’s logic is simple:

1. place quotes of the selected symbol to the indicator\’s input;
2. find the market maximums and minimums in the chart using various ZigZags;
3. anchor various graphical tools onto the above maximums and minimums.

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