The RSI improved indicator calculate value of RSI indicator with RSIPeriodOriginal period, and second RSI with RSIPeriodRotated. After that swap rotated one to 180 degree related to 50 poiints (100 RSI). Calculate difference between original indicator and rotated one. And after that calculates derivative of the difference.


Indicator parameters:

RSIPeriodOriginal – original RSI period

RSIPeriodRotated – rotated RSI period

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This indicator will draw a fibonacci retracement from the low to high (or high to low depending on trend) on the visible candles on the chart. This means if you zoom in or zoom out on the chart, the fibonacci retracement will adjust to those changes. The indicator redraws the retracement on the next candle close when the price is breaking out of the high or low. This indicator also show the area that has not been retraced. If you do not want this to show up, set “ShowUnretracedZone” to false.

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Parabolic SAR for current timeframe and 3 next timeframes with Alert signals. Each timeframe can be selected from input parameters. Green arrow show beginning of up-trend, and red line show beginning of down-trend.

Input parameters are:
AlertsEnabled – true/false
TF4 – true/false – show PSAR of fourth timeframe
TF3 – true/false – show PSAR of third timeframe
TF2 – true/false – show PSAR of second timeframe
Step – PSAR step
Maximum – PSAR Maximum

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Indicator draws trend channels based on fractals.

Input parameters:
FractalSize – Fractal Size in bars (ex. 1-3 bars,2-5 bars,3-7 bars)
PriceMode – 0-High/Low,1-Open/Close
Margins – Narrowing ration (ex.0.3)
Shift – Displace in bars (ex. 1 or -1)
Mode – Channel Mode: 0-default,1-similar to Fractal Chaos Bands
DisplayText – 0-off,1-on
TextDelta – Text deviation in pips

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Three indicators for original Alex Silver strategy, based on ishimoku indicator. They are:

Silver-channels – draws major channels

SHI_SilverTrendColourBars – coloring price bar with reacting color

SilverTrend_Signal – draws arrows where entrence should be.

Did not found strategy description how to use them, input parameters are un-clear currently.


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Indicator with sound and message alert when two moving averages crossing, it draws MA lines, and arrows in different colors, can be used as skeleton for expert advisor.

Input parameters are:
ExtPeriodFastMA – period for fast moving average
ExtPeriodSlowMA – period slow moving average

ExtModeFastMA – mode for fast MA
ExtModeSlowMA – mode for slow MA

– where mode: 0 = SMA, 1 = EMA, 2 = SMMA, 3 = LWMA

ExtPriceFastMA – price for fast MA
ExtPriceSlowMA – price for slow MA

where price: 0 = Close, 1 = Open, 2 = High, 3 = Low, 4 = HL/2, 5 = HLC/3, 6 = HLCC/4

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