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Many experts advise do not use indicators, but why? The simple explanation why to use them is – they helps understanding what price is doing in current moment comparing to the history.

If you are using Moving Average you really do not need to check 100-200 bars to past as MA do this for you. If you want to know if trend has been started – just use the appropriate indicator and you will understand this.

But always remember – indicators can not predict the future, they really can not tell you where will be price after 1 day, or after 1 hour, or even after 1 second. All decision you are making yourself and this should be main aspect of using indicators. Moderate everyhitng!!

I am trader, I tried to search for similar indicators catalog – with description, screenshots, cmments and rating, but did not found. It is possible to download archives with hondredsd indicators, but without explanation this is nothing. So desided to make it myself.

You can help us all, if you have interesting article – show it, if you have interesting or favorit indicator – add it to our catalogue. Let’s make things better.

I suppose that the main motto of the site is ‘From traders for traders’.

Good luck my friends.

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