RSI improved

The RSI improved indicator calculate value of RSI indicator with RSIPeriodOriginal period, and second RSI with RSIPeriodRotated. After that swap rotated one to 180 degree related to 50 poiints (100 RSI). Calculate difference between original indicator and rotated one. And after that calculates derivative of the difference.


Indicator parameters:

RSIPeriodOriginal – original RSI period

RSIPeriodRotated – rotated RSI period

  • Blue line – RSI value with period RSIPeriodOriginal
  • Red line – rotated RSI value with period RSIPeriodRotated
  • Green histogram – difference between original value and rotated
  • White line – derivative of histogramm (actually that is the speed how fast difference changes between original and rotated histogram)



Buy Signal – when white line is above histogram

Sell Signal – when white line is below histogram


Greater difference – stronger signal

Download RSIImproved mt4 indicator

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