eVOLution-options. Options levels indicator

The eVOLution-options indicator do analyse trades with currency options for previous trading session on CME, and it try to define support and resistance of current day.
The main result of indicator is Key Zone (A on screenshot) – the balance level between large market operators, this is zone where main battle will be played between bears and bulls, and usually it’s not easy to brake that zone. If day was opened above Key Zone than current day considered as bullish day, and we supp ose that price will rebound up from Key Zone. And vice-versa – if day was opened below Key Zone than current day is considered as bearish day, and we suppose that price will rebound down from Key Zone.

The indicator works with external data that should be downloaded manually from trading-evolution.com website flesh applet.

Indicator parameters:
NumberOfDaysBackToShow – How many days back should be processed
LevelsVerticalShift – Levels vertical shift (for difference in futures and forex currencies)
FileNamePruductCode – product code if indicator did not recognize product automatically
ReverseDataFromFile – if file name is loaded manually – should the data be reversed or not
ShowKeyZone (true/false) – show or not Key Zone
ShowMajorLevels (true/false) – show or not Major Levels (aggressive trading)
ShowMajorCALLLevels (true/false) – show or not major CALL levels
ShowMajorPUTLevels (true/false) – show or not major PUT levels
MajorCALLColor – major CALL levels color
MajorPUTColor – major PUT levels color
KeyZoneColor – Key Zone color
MajorLevelsColor – Major Levels color
MajorCALLStyle – Major CALL levels style
MajorPUTStyle – Major PUT levels style


More information and theory you can find in this two guides:



Download eVOLution-options.1.3 indicator


Latest indicator version you may find here: http://trading-evolution.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=215


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