eVOLution-levels real volumes

The indicator show real volume levels (vertical!) for forex and futures, it works with external data that should be downloaded manually from trading-evolution.com website flesh applet.
Indicator draws:

– top 3 last trading day volume
– top 3 current week volume
– top 3 last week volume
– top 3 contract levels

First line (the first one top volume) is drawn as solid line, so you can simply identify it, even more if you will hold your mouse under the line you will see description (see attached picture) “pw1=7180”, this mean “previous week 1st volume line = 7180 lots”

Indicator shows total volumes for all this periods, with the same colors as lines for them.

It can play sound alert when price will step into one of the lines.

Input parameters are:
soundAlert (true/false) – play sound alert if price reach any level

NumberOfLevelsToShow (0,1,2,3) – how many levels indicator should draw

CustomLevels1 – semicolon separated input string where you want to see additional levels (you can use automatically generated on evolution site – bottom of flash applet

CustomLevels2 – same as above

CustomSymbol – if indicator was not possible to identify product symbol automatically – you may enter code manually what file to load

ShowPreviousDayVolume (true/false) – show or not volumes of previous day

ShowDayBeforePreviousDayVolume (true/false) – show or not volumes for day before previous

ShowThisWeekVolume (true/false) – show or not volumes for current week

ShowPreviousWeekVolume (true/false) – show or not volumes for previous week

ShowContractVolume (true/false) – show or not volumes for contract period

color PreviousDayVolumeColor
color DayBeforePreviousDayVolumeColor
color ThisWeekVolumeColor
color PrevousWeekVolumeColor
color ContractVolumeColor
color CustomLevel1VolumeColor
color CustomLevel2VolumeColor

FontSize – text font size
textXshift – text horizontal shift from upper left corner
textYshift – text vertical shift from upper left corner
FirstLevelWidth – line width for first volume level
SecondLevelWidth – line width for second volume level
ThirdLevelWidth – line width for third volume level
FirstLevelStyle – line style for first volume level
SecondLevelStyle – line style for second volume level
ThirdLevelStyle – line style for third volume level
LevelsVerticalShift – lines vertical shift (if you use forex currencies to trade – there is a difference between them and currency futures, you may calculate it manually and enter the result here)


To make it working you need to create directory experts/files/evolution-levels/ , download archive from trading-evolution.com , and unpack it into created directory.


Answer to all questions you may find in indicator home page: trading-evolution.com

Download eVOLution-levels.1.10


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