Multi-purpose trade manager expert

This is not an indicator, but expert advisor, and it supervises open trades and offers these facilities for: selected individual trades; groups of trades linked by a common magic number or comment; or all trades

It do:
● Moves the stop loss at appropriate intervals – to breakeven, jumping stop, trailing
stop. Offers the option to hide the stop from the broker; likewise the take profit.
● Close all open trades when the upl reaches a set target; this can include pending
● Part-closure (50%) when the price reaches a set target.
● Hedge-trade opening for trades that are going bad.
● Equity protection: close all open trades when upl hits a specified level.

There are many options for it, the full description is inside archive – a PDF file.

Completely must-have expert advisor.

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Author: Steve Hopwood

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  1. Invisible says:

    This is really useful expert !

  2. ssass says:

    I have looked for same pare hedging ea for 2 days. Thank you!

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