The indicator show real volume histogram levels (vertical!) for forex and futures, it works with external data that should be downloaded manually from website flesh applet. Usually it is used together with eVOLution-levels indicator:

Indicator draws histogram volume levels for different periods:

– previous day
– day before previous
– this week
– last week
– contract


Input parameters for indicator are:

PercentageDistribution – percentage value from maximum volume after what this price level will be colored in different colur

HistogramVerticalShift – lines vertical shift (if you use forex currencies to trade – there is a difference between them and currency futures, you may calculate it manually and enter the result here)


ShowDayBack (true/false) – show or not previous day volume data

DayBack_zoom – zoom value for histogram (for different timeframe you will need to use different zoom level, so chart will be clear)

ShowTwoDayBack (true/false) – show or not day before previous day volume data

TwoDayBack_zoom – zoom value for two days back histogram data

ShowWeek (true/false) – show or not current week volume data

Week_zoom – zoom value for current week histogram data

ShowWeekBack (true/false) – show or not week back histogram data

WeekBack_zoom – zoom value for week back histogram data

ShowContract (true/false) – show or not contract volume histogram (all available period data)

Contract_zoom – zoom value for contract histogram data


All Colors ( _Ext is used for coloring levels over PercentageDistribution value):



To make it working you need to create directory experts/files/evolution-histogram/ , download archive from , and unpack it into created directory.


Answer to all questions you may find in indicator home page:


Download eVOLution-histogram.1.5 indicator

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  1. seems to me that a good indicator metatrader configuration is what makes the analysis of trade data are more structural

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